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Joint EURL/NRL-Workshop 2015 - Presentations


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  Wednesday 30.09.2015
Current Activities of the European Commission in the Area of Pesticides Residues  Veerle Vanheusden
Pesticide Residue Testing in Organic Production  Jan von Kietzell
Screening Method validation of Pesticide Residues in Cereals using G-QTOF and Exact Mass Library  Mette Erecius Poulsen
Limits of the Current Multi-Residue Methods Applied by the EU Official Laboratories for Fruits and Vegetables  Amadeo R. Fernández-Alba
 News from EURL AOs  Ralf Lippold
 News on SRMs  Michelangelo Anastassiades
Determination of Pesticide Residues in Baby Food in Real Samples and PTs  Sadat Nawaz
Thursday 01.10.2015
 EUPT-AO10  Ralf Lippold
 EUPT-CF9  Mette Erecius Poulsen
 EUPT-FV17  Carmen Ferrer Amate
 EUPT-SM7  Carmen Ferrer Amate
 EUPT-SRM10  Michelangelo Anastassiades
Practical and Valid Guidelines for Realistic
Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in
Pesticide Multi-Residue Analysis
Antonio Valverde

EURL DataPool - Online Tool for Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty (Joint EURL/AQC-Project):

Download Part I: Click here

Download Part II: Click here

 Hubert Zipper
  Friday 02.10.2015
 CIRCA BC  Ralf Lippold



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