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05-03-2020 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of Acidic Pesticides Entailing Conjugates and/or Esters in their Residue Definitions
Analytical Observations Report regarding the analysis of acidic pesticides entailing conjugates and/or esters in their residue definitions.

05-03-2020 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of Toxicologically Critical SRM Compounds in Infant Formulae
Analytical Observations Report regarding the analysis of toxicologically critical SRM-compounds in infant formulae.

12-02-2020 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-PO-Method Version 11
The QuPPe-PO Method has been updated. V11 is now available.

14-10-2019 | EURL-SRM

EUPT-SRM15 Website
15th EU proficiency test on pesticide residue analysis requiring single residue methods - Matrix: Rice

02-07-2019 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of Captan/THPI and of Folpet/PI via QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS
This analytical observations document shows the results of various experiments exploring the possibilities for analyzing captan/THPI and folpet/phthalimide via LC-MS/MS employing both APCI and ESI interfaces. Using LC-MS/MS various challenges assosiated with the GC analysis are circumvented, but the sensitivity achieved was still not fully satisfacory.

21-06-2019 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of the amitraz-metabolite 4-Amino-3-methylbenzoic acid in eggs
Analytical Observations report regarding the analysis of 4-Amino-3-methylbenzoic acid in eggs (the main metabolite of amitraz in products of animal origin)

19-05-2019 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of Dimethoate and Omethoate Metabolites - Method Development and Pilot Monitoring
A QuPPe-based method for 6 highly polar dimethoate metabolites was developed and 1778 market samples were analyzed. The current markers omethoate and dimethoate showed residues ≥0.01 mg/kg in only 4 and 3 cases respectively; the metabolite O-desmethyl-dimethoate in 39 cases (2.2% overall). It thus seems worthwhile considering the inclusion of O-desmethyl-dimethoate as a marker for controlling the proper use of dimethoate.

16-05-2019 | EURL-SRM

Enantioselective Analysis of Lambda- and Gamma-Cyhalothrin
Analysis of Lambda- and Gamma-Cyhalothrin involving QuEChERS Extraction and Enantioselective LC-Separation of RS and SR-Isomers

14-05-2019 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-PO V10.1
QuPPe-PO V10.1 is now availabe with some important changes

14-05-2019 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-AO V3.2
QuPPe-AO 3.2 with minor changes now available.


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