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06-05-2024 | EURL-SRM

The new version of the Method Finder List (MFL) is now on-line.
A new version of the Method Finder List (MFL-2024) is now on-line. It shows a compilation of the compounds included either in the EU-Multiannual control Programme (EU-MACP) or in the SANCO/12745/2013 Working Dokument, which is to be considered when designing National-MACPs. The MFL entails links to EURL-Documents concerning the various compounds of the list (e.g. method development reports, method validation reports, analytical observation reports).

06-05-2024 | EURL-SRM

Compilation of Residue Findings of QuPPe Compounds in various types of samples in 2023
The compilation of residue findings of QuPPe compounds in various food products, analysed in 2023, was uploaded. The report additionally encompasses findings of ethylene oxide / 2-chloroethanol. Aim of these annual compilations of residue findings is to help OfLs to localize analyte/matrix combinations that are worthwhile monitoring.

21-02-2024 | EURL-SRM

EURL-SRM Workshop and Training 2024 for NRL-SRMs
EURL-SRM Workshop and Training 2024 for NRL-SRMs is scheduled to take place from the 1st of July to the 4th of July 2024.

19-01-2024 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of residues of dithiocarbamate fungicides in low-oil content food of plant origin involving cleavage into carbon disulfide, partitioning into isooctane and measurement by GC-MS/MS or GC-ECD
The EURL on the common-moiety method for dithiocarbamate analysis in low-oil content food of plant origin via GC-methods was updated, introducing a miniaturization, optimized conditions for a better cleavage of polymeric dithiocarbamates complexes and measurement via GC-MS/MS.

21-12-2023 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-PO Method Version 12.2
QuPPe-PO V12.2 released (entails among others measurement conditions for difluoroacetic acid - DFA)

03-11-2023 | EURL-SRM

EUPT-SRM19 Website
19th EU proficiency test on pesticide residue analysis requiring single residue methods - Matrix: Grape Homogenate

19-04-2023 | EURL-SRM

Risk of False Positives of Chloridazon-Desphenyl in Honey by LC-MS/MS
A new EURL-SRM Analytical Observations Report concerning the risk of false positive findings of chloridazon-desphenyl in honey by LC-MS/MS is available. Various chromatographic separation methods for chloridazon-desphenyl were tested to clarify the situation.

17-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-PO-Method Version 12.1
The QuPPe-PO-Method has been updated (now includes more detailed information on Honey analysis).

16-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of the Folpet and Captan degradants Phthalimide (PI) and Tetrahydrophthalimide (THPI) by QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS
The Analytical Observation Report (SRM-49) on the analysis of PI and THPI via LC-MS/MS was updated by introducing additional validation data. This update also includes results of experiments concerning the transformation of Captan and Captafol to Tetrahydrophthalimide (THPI) and of Folpet to Phthalimide (PI), during various steps of the QuEChERS procedure and especially in thawed sample homogenates prior to extraction.

03-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

Determination of fluoride ion in food
Two approaches for the determination of Fluoride Ion via selective electrodes (ISE) are described: a) direct measurement in QuPPe extracts and b) measurement in diffusates derived by microdiffusion.


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