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Overview of Proficiency Tests Provided by EURL-SRM

The EURLs regularly perform Proficiency Tests (PTs) among the official EU laboratories.

Find below an overview of the PTs performed by the EURL-SRM in cooperation with other EURLs or partners. The accompanying documents as well as reports can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link (restricted access):

EUPT Year Matrix Website Final Report
SRM19 2024 Grape Homogenate Link pending
SRM18 2023 Honey Link pending
SRM17 2022 Tomato homogenate Link pending
SRM16 2021 Sesame Link Link
SRM15 2020 Rice Link Link
SRM14 2019 Bovine liver Link Link
SRM13 2018 Soybeans Link Link
SRM12 2017 Strawberry Link Link
SRM11 2016 Spinach Link Link
SRM10 2015 Corn Flour Link Link
SRM9 2014 Milk Link Link
SRM8 2013 Potatos Link Link
SRM7 2012 Lentils Link Link
C5/SRM6 2011 Rice Link Link
SRM5 2010 Apple sauce Link Link
C3/SRM4 2009 Oats Link Link
Ad-hoc-PT Nicotine 2009 Mushrooms (3x) Link Link
SRM3 2008 Carrots Link Link
Ad-hoc-PT PCP in Guar Gum 2008 Guar Gum (2x) Link Link
C1/SRM2 2007 Wheat Link Link
SRM1 2006 Apple Juice   Link


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