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EUPT-SRM19 Website

03-11-2023 | EURL-SRM
EURL-SRM19, Matrix: Grape Homogenate (5 February - 5 March 2024)

Risk of False Positives of Chloridazon-Desphenyl in Honey by LC-MS/MS

19-04-2023 | EURL-SRM
New Analytical Observations Report

QuPPe-PO-Method Version 12.1

17-03-2023 | EURL-SRM
Information about an update of the QuPPe-PO-Method.

Determination of fluoride ion in food

03-03-2023 | EURL-SRM
Analytical Observation Report

Compilation of Residue Observations Reports of QuPPe Compounds

27-02-2023 | EURL-SRM
Compilation of Residue Observations Reports of QuPPe Compounds

New Analytical Observations Report on QACs analysis

24-02-2023 | EURL-SRM
The EURL on QACs analysis in food via QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS, was updated.

Joint EURLs/NRLs Workshop | 1820 October 2023 in Stuttgart (Fellbach)

10-02-2023 | EURL-SRM
Joint EURLs/NRLs Workshop for Pesticide Residues

EUPT-SRM18 Website

27-01-2023 | EURL-SRM
EURL-SRM18, Matrix: Honey (19 May - 16 June 2023)

A new article on the pilot monitoring in milk and infant formula is now published online!

17-01-2023 | EURL-SRM
Analysis of Analytically Challenging Compounds  Including Toxicologically Critical Pesticides and Metabolites  in Infant Formulae and Milk from the EU/EFTA-Market


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