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Compilation of Residue Observations Reports

The table below compiles various observation notes and reports related to residue findings of SRM-pesticides in food. Laboratories within the NRL/OL-Network are encouraged to submit their own notes and reports on residue findings. The idea is to gradually build up a large collection of with the aim to conserve knowledge and to offer laboratories a useful and practical source of information. A link to the EURL-DataPool is planned.

Compounds covered / Title of Study
Date of reports / version

QuPPe-Compounds (2019 data)

30.01.2020 / V1

QuPPe-Compounds (2018 data)

30.04.2019 / V1

TFA (Trifluoroacetic acid ) and DFA (Difluoroacetic acid)

19.06.2017 / V1
Determination of Triazole Derivative Metabolites (TDMs) in Fruit and Vegetables using the QuPPe Method and Differential Mobility Spectrometry (DMS) and Survey of the Residue Situation in Organic and Conventional Produce CVUA Stuttgart eJournal, May 2016 Link

Triazole derivative metabolites (TDMs) - Poster

EPRW 2014 (Dublin) Link


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