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Method Finder List - List to Facilitate Localization of Method Reports by the EURLs

With the aim to help the laboratories to localize EURL-reports concerning analytical aspects, such as analytical methods developed or validated by the EURLs as well as other reports concerning the analysis of pesticides and metabolites (e.g. analytical observation reports), the EURLs have introduced the excel-based Method Finder List.

The focus of this list is on the compounds included in the MACP-Regulations and the SANTE Working Document that gives guidance on which compounds or commodities or combinations thereof the MS should focus on when designing their national monitoring programs. 

The list is updated on an annual basis.

To access the list please got to the Control Programs page and chose the latest version of the Method Finder List (3rd column)


Last modified 29-01-2024, 20:03:00

Published 29-01-2024, 20:01:14


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