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SRM-PinBoard Service

DG-SANTE strongly promotes the establishment of cooperation between official laboratories in the area of SRM-pesticides (see also 10th recital in preamble to Multiannual Coord. Control Progr. Reg. for 2020-22).

This cooperation should not only take place between parties located within the the same country, international cooperations are also encouraged. Cooperation with commercial labs is also possible, but these labs have to participate in the EUPTs.

To promote cooperation and facilitate contacts between potential collaborators the EURL-SRM has launched the SRM-PinBoard-Service in 2012. The main aim of this initiative is to increasingly exploit existing synergy potentials and to assist MSs, the OfLs of which currently lack the capacity to introduce and run certain SRM-methods, in their efforts to keep up with the requirements of the multi-annual control programs.

The cooperation may follow different approaches, e.g.:


As a first step towards creating the SRM-PinBoard-Service an extensive Survey was run in 2012 among all OfLs to find out:

Using the information received from this Survey and following a double check with the labs, the EURL-SRM has prepared a list (SRM-PinBoard), showing all labs/institutions that have expressed interest in entering into cooperation in the SRM area and have given their consent to appear in the SRM-PinBoard. For labs that would like to be subcontracted for the analysis of certain compounds the SRM-PinBoard also gives information about the accreditation status and whether the lab is deemed analytically proficient, based on available EUPT-results.



The SRM Pinboard is now integrated within the EURL-DataPool (MyLab area). The following two liks are outdated!

» SRM-PinBoard (older version based on Excel table within CIRCA BC restricted area)

» SRM-PinBoard Overview of Version 1

For any questions or suggestions concerning the SRM-PinBoard please contact us under  eurl-srm@cvuas.bwl.de


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