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17-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

QuPPe-PO-Method Version 12.1
The QuPPe-PO-Method has been updated.

16-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

Analysis of the Folpet and Captan degradants Phthalimide (PI) and Tetrahydrophthalimide (THPI) by QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS
The Analytical Observation Report (SRM-49) on the analysis of PI and THPI via LC-MS/MS was updated by introducing additional validation data. This update also includes results of experiments concerning the transformation of Captan and Captafol to Tetrahydrophthalimide (THPI) and of Folpet to Phthalimide (PI), during various steps of the QuEChERS procedure and especially in thawed sample homogenates prior to extraction.

03-03-2023 | EURL-SRM

Determination of fluoride ion in food
A method for the determination of fluoride ion using ion selective electrodes (ISE) with direct measurement and following microdiffusion is described.

27-02-2023 | EURL-SRM

New Compilation of Residue Findings
A new compilation of residue findings of QuPPe-compounds in food products, analysed in 2022, was uploaded. The report also encompasses findings of ethylene oxide / 2- chloroethanol. Aim of these annual compilations of residue findings is to help OfLs to localize analyte/matrix combinations that are worthwhile monitoring.

24-02-2023 | EURL-SRM

New Analytical Observations Report on QACs analysis
The EURL report on QACs analysis in food via QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS, was updated by introducing a simple and practical approach for separating background contaminations of QACs during LC-MS/MS analysis involving the use of a trap-column.

10-02-2023 | EURL-SRM

Save the Date: Joint EURLs/NRLs Workshop | 1820 October 2023 in Stuttgart
Save the Date: The Joint EURLs/NRLs Workshop for Pesticide Residues will be held from 18 to 20 October 2023 in Stuttgart.

08-02-2023 | EURL-FV

EURL-FV (2023-T7) SFC-MS/MS vs LC-MS/MS Pesticide residue analysis in food samples
e-Platform. EURL-FV, puts at your disposal a series of formative tutorials.

27-01-2023 | EURL-SRM

EUPT-SRM18 Website
18th EU proficiency test on pesticide residue analysis requiring single residue methods - Matrix: Honey


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The concept of the EU Reference Laboratories (EURLs, former CRLs) and National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) is layed down in the Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The overall objective of the EURLs and NRLs is to improve the quality, accuracy and comparability of the results at official control laboratories.

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