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05-01-2022 | EURL-CF

Workshop 2022
Workshop dates for 2022

04-01-2022 | EURL-AO

Validation and determination of pesticide residues in (offal and) fish samples
Validation and monitoring report

31-12-2021 | EURL-FV

European Proficiency Test in Fruits and Vegetables Screening Method 14

22-12-2021 | EURL-AO

EUPT AO-17 Website
17th EU Proficiency Test on Pesticides - Rape Seed Oil Test Material

21-12-2021 | EURL-CF

EUPT-CF16 Website
EUPT-CF16 on barley kernels. Registration is open until 14 March 2022

16-12-2021 | EURL-SRM

IL-IS Distribution Service
Break of IL-IS Distribution Service from 20th of December to 10th of January

07-12-2021 | EURL-FV

European Union Proficiency Test for Pesticide Residues in fruits and vegetables 24

05-11-2021 | EURL-FV

European Union Proficiency Test for Pesticide Residues in Special Commodities EUPT-FV- SC05

30-10-2021 | EURL-SRM

EUPT-SRM17 Website
17th EU proficiency test on pesticide residue analysis requiring single residue methods - Matrix: Tomato Homogenate

29-10-2021 | EURL-AO

EURL AO Training 2021
Information about EURL AO Training 2021


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About EURL

The concept of the EU Reference Laboratories (EURLs, former CRLs) and National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) is layed down in the Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The overall objective of the EURLs and NRLs is to improve the quality, accuracy and comparability of the results at official control laboratories.

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