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EURL-SRM Bank Data


Bank account holder: Landesoberkasse Baden-Wuerttemberg
Bank Name: Baden Wuerttembergische Bank
IBAN: DE 02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02

Document of bank account with financial identification: Please see this link


Notes regarding EUPT-SRM payments:

1) In your bank transfer the Invoice-Nr. must be quoted as identification text. Thus please wait for the invoice to arrive and follow the instructions there.

2) The account holder of our account is Landesoberkasse Baden-Wuerttemberg. The same account is also used by the EURL-AO, and it is therefore of foremost importance to use the money transfer reference-text indicated in each invoice. Otherwise it will be impossible to identify payer and beneficiary!


Published 10-02-2012, 11:50:34

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