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Submission of Method Validation Results

Important remark: the Data Submission File for Method Validation Results was basically redesigned by adding new columns [April 2020]: CLICK HERE.


Method validation is performed to evaluate analytical procedures as to whether they can meet the specified criteria of

Systematic Collection of Recovery Data
Method validation usually entails the performance of repetitive recovery experiments of spiked residues at various concentration levels, both at an intra- and interlaboratory level. With intralaboratory validation being compulsory for accreditation purposes, numerous validation experiments are being performed by many laboratories.
A systematic collection of recovery data produced by the various laboratories would be of high analytical interest allowing to generate reproducibility data for a large number of analyte/commodity-combinations. Additionally, such a data collection will be of great use in assessing the analytical uncertainty and the performance of methods.

Method Validation database
A Method Validation database was developed by the EURL-SRM to allow the storage of data generated within the aim of any method validation experiments in various laboratories. All important information regarding the method employed including possible variations of it are stored as well, in order to enhance comparability and to allow the drawing of conclusions. This Method Validation database was integrated into the EURL DataPool.

Authorized users can access the method validation data on-line and use it to find out which method is applicable for a certain pesticide/commodity-combination and furthermore if the method is applicable using the instrumentation available in the laboratory.

The quality and practical use of such a data collection strongly relies on the data submitted by the users.
Any contribution of method validation results to the database is highly appreciated!


Data Submission File for Method Validation Results
To standardize data submission and thus facilitate data processing, we developed a Microsoft Excel file which can be downloaded here: Data Submission File.
Data submitted in this format can easily be imported into the database.
The following parameters are needed for the systematic collection of the data describing the method validation experiments: names of pesticides, commodities, spiking levels, recovery results in %, meth-ods of analysis and other information (modifications of the analytical method, instrumentation used etc.)

For more information please contact the EURL-SRM.


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