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EURL-SRM Workshop and Training 2024 for NRL-SRMs

The 2024 SRM WORKSHOP is scheduled to take place from 1st of July 2024 (half day, start ca. 14:00) to the 2nd July 2024 (full day).

The 2024 SRM TRAINING is scheduled to take place from 3rd of July 2024 (full day) to the 4th July 2024 (half day).

These events will take place at the facilities of the CVUA Stuttgart in Fellbach near Stuttgart, Germany.

For the workshop, an ONLINE PARTICIPATION WILL BE OFFERED, which NRL-SRM representatives may attend.

As there are budget constraints, participation is limited to only one representative per Member State, and the person participating in the workshop should also participate in the training (for those MS whose turn it is to participate in this year's NRL-SRM training). There will be furthermore a ceiling as regards the total number of persons eligible for reimbursement.

NRLs whose turn it is to send a person to participate in this year's SRM TRAINING will be informed individually. The training will only take place on-site.

The registration period will start in March.

Further information coming soon.


Published 21-02-2024, 09:03:11


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