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EUPT-SRM19 Website

Matrix: Grape Homogenat


 Announcement/Invitation Letter (update on 20.11.2023)

 Calendar (update on 20.11.2023)

 Target Pesticide List (update on 20.11.2023)

 Registration (will be opened on 15.12.2023)

Obliged EU-Official Labs not intending to participate in the EUPT-SRM19 have to
SUBMIT AN EXPLANATION FOR NON-PARTICIPATION on the Registration Website (Requirement by DG-SANTE)

 Specific Protocol (will be opened by 18.01.2024)

Sample Shipment: 05.02.2024

Sample acknowlegment (should be down by 12.02.2024)

Results submission (12.02.2024–12.03.2024, 23 h (11 p.m.) CET)

Additional Information (13.03.2024–21.03.2024)

Preliminary Report on EUPT-SRM19 (by 12.04.2024)

Evaluation Meeting

Final Report


Additional Links

 EUPT - General Protocol


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