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A new article on the pilot monitoring in milk and infant formula is now published online!

We are pleased to announce that our paper ‘Analysis of Analytically Challenging Compounds – Including Toxicologically Critical Pesticides and Metabolites – in Infant Formulae and Milk from the EU/EFTA-Market’ on the pilot monitoring in milk and infant formula has been published in the open access Journal ‘Aspects of Food Control and Animal Health’ and can be downloaded for free using doi:10.48414/aspects2023/15.

54 samples of milk and 80 samples of infant formula for children up to 16 weeks of age from all over Europe were analysed for 13 analytically challenging compounds of high toxicity (low ADI-values), for which the default MRL for infant formulae of 0.01 mg/kg is not considered safe. The samples were additionally analyzed for 10 analytically challenging compounds deemed relevant to milk products. This article gives a summary of the results, an overview on the used methods, as well as on the origin of the samples.co-founded by the European Union

The project was conducted in collaboration with the EURL-AO hosted at CVUA-Freiburg and was largely financed by DG-SANTE as it was part of the work program of the EURL-SRM.
We would also like to kindly thank all laboratories from all over Europe for providing a large number of milk and infant formulae samples for this project.




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