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Analysis of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol in oily seeds using QuOil and QuEChERS in combination with GC-MS/MS

 Two methods, one based on QuEChERS and one on QuOil, are presented allowing the simultaneous analysis of ethylene oxide (EO) and its reaction product 2-chloroethanol (2-CE) in sesame. Following a standard dSPE cleanup the samples are measured by GC-MS/MS.

The extraction of 2-CE from sesame, was found to be considerably delayed compared to other analytes. It is thus of high importance to use extraction aids (e.g. stainless steel balls) during extraction to disintegrate the sample and improve the accessibility of the residues.

Sesame samples from the market only contained 2-CE at detectable levels.

The method can be accessed here (new version V1.1 was uploaded!)


Last modified 22-12-2020, 14:35:28

Published 17-12-2020, 06:51:39

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