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Enantioselective Analysis of Lambda- and Gamma-Cyhalothrin

A procedure was developed allowing a sensitive and enantioselective analysis of gamma- and lambda cyhalothrin.

Following CEN-QuEChERS extraction the compounds are analyzed by chiral LC-MS/MS allowing separation of the more toxic gamma-cyhalothrin (SR-isomer) from its RS-isomer. Satisfactory recovery rates and repeatabilities were achieved for gamma-cyhalothrin in cucumber, orange juice and wheat flour at 0.01 mg/kg each. In addition the method was successfully validated in infant formula at 0.0036 mg/kg (expressed on the basis of reconstituted product). In addition, using the QuOil method satisfactory recoveries were achieved on sunflower seed oil.


Link to Enantioselective Analysis of Lambda- and Gamma-Cyhalothrin.

Link to List of EURL-SRM Methods.



Published 16-05-2019, 06:31:41

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