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QuPPe-AO Method for products of Animal Origin

QuPPe-AO is a method collection for the analysis of highly polar pesticides in food of animal origin excluding honey. It involves extraction with acidified methanol assisted by EDTA and LC-MS/MS measurement. Various LC-MS/MS options are available to chose depending on the scope of analytes to be covered.


Validated compounds so far:

LC Method 1.3: Ethephon, HEPA, Glyphosate, Glufosinate, MPPA, N-Acetylglufosinate, N-Acetyl-AMPA, Fosetyl-aluminium, Maleic Hydrazide (V2)

LC Method 1.4: Phosphonic acid, Perchlorate, Chlorate

LC Method 1.6: Ethephon, HEPA, Glyphosate, Glufosinate, MPPA, N-Acetylglufosinate, N-Acetyl-AMPA, Fosetyl-aluminium

LC Method 4.2: Aminocyclopyrachlor, Amitrole, Chlormequat, Mepiquat, Difenzoquat, Daminozide, Trimesium, Cyromazine, Nereistoxin, Chloridazon-desphenyl, Morpholine, Propamocarb, Melamine, Nicotine

LC Method 8: 1,2,4-Triazole (TRZ), Triazole acetic acid (TAA), Triazole alanine (TA), Triazole lactic acid (TLA)


Last update of method: 29.03.2019


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