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EUPT-SRM9- Announcement / Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

We herewith cordially invite you to participate in the upcoming European Proficiency Test EUPT-SRM9 on the determination of pesticide residues requiring single residue methods. This EUPT is organised by the EU Reference Laboratory for pesticides requiring Single Residue Methods (EURL-SRM).

1) all NRLs for pesticides requiring Single Residue Methods (NRL-SRMs)

2) all Official Laboratories (OfLs) undertaking pesticide residue analyses in food of animal origin (milk).

3) Laboratories analyzing pesticide residues within the frame of import controls according to Reg. 669/2009/EC are also considered as performing official controls and thus also obliged to take part in EUPTs.

You can check your lab’s obligation to the EUPT-SRM9 via the tentative list of the labs obliged to participate in the EUPTs 2014.
(NRLs are requested to check the correctness of this list and report the Organizers as soon as possible.)

Laboratories that have given explanation for their non-participation during the EUPT-SRM9 pre-questionaire in December 2013 do not have to submit their reasons again.


A general fee of 175 € (350 € for the labs from 3rd countries) will be charged to each participating laboratory in the EUPT-SRM9, including NRLs, to cover the costs of test material handling and shipment. 

Double amount of material can be requested via e-mail (Address: EUPT-SRM@cvuas.bwl.de) or via the registration website. The fee for the laboratories requiring double amount of material will be double as for the single amount material.

An invoice issued for the "invoice address" stated in the registration form will be enclosed in the shipment. Details of payment will be given in the invoices.

For more detailed information please see the  EUPT-SRM9-Invitation Letter.

For any further question about EUPT-SRM9 please mail to EUPT-SRM@cvuas.bwl.de.

Best regards,

The EUPT-SRM9 Organizing Team 



Published 16-12-2013, 14:49:05

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