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QuPPe Method

QuPPe Method (Quick Polar Pesticides Method)

QuPPe allows the analysis of a number of highly polar pesticides non amenable to common multiresidue methods (e.g. QuEChERS). The method involves extraction with acidified methanol and LC-MS/MS measurement. Isotope labeled analogues of the compounds are used as internal standards (ILISs) to correct for volumetric variations, matrix effects and other errors. Various LC-MS/MS methods (each covering a different bunch of pesticides) are provided giving laboratories a range of options, depending on the pesticide scope they would like to cover. The method is dynamic and is periodically being updated as more pesticides or separation possibilities are being introduced.

There is two versions of the method: 


Matrix Scope

Latest Version


Link to Website

Products of Plant Origin and Honey

V11.1 (Link to PDF-Document)

 Last update of method: 17.03.2021


Link to Website

Products of Animal Origin excluding Honey

V3.2 (Link to PDF-Document)

Last update of method: 14.05.2019


Link to List of methods provided by the EURL-SRM


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