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SRM-PinBoard (version I): Facts Overview

NOTE: The following text concerns an older version of the SRM-PinBoard. The SRM-PinBoard is now integrated within the EURL-DataPool (MyLab area).

In its first version the SRM-PinBoard lists 57 INSTITUTIONS from 24 COUNTRIES, which have expressed their interest to collaborate with other parties in the area of SRM-Pesticides.

Only laboratories that gave their consent appear in the PinBoard. Additional 17 institutions that also expressed interest to collaborate did not give their consent and are thus not listed in this first SRM-PinBoard version.

Link to SRM-PinBoard (internal CIRCA-Area)

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The countries with the most institutions listed in the SRM-PinBoard (Version I) are...

- Italy (6x), The Netherlands (4x), UK (4x), and Poland (4x)


Among the 57 institutions listed in the SRM-PinBoard...

- 53 labs expressed interest to analyze SRM-pesticides on behalf of other institutions (OFFERING).

- 22 institutions expressed interest to subcontract analyses of SRM-pesticides to other labs (SEEKING).


54 of the institutions indicated their preferred type of cooperation. Among them...

- 30 prefer only SUBCONTRACTING,

- 10 prefer only MUTUAL SUBCONTRACTING (without money transfer involved), and

- 14 are open to BOTH forms of cooperation.


Analytical services are most frequently OFFERED for the following compounds/compound groups ...

- DTCs as CS2 (by 38 labs),

- "Quats" (by 34 labs) and

- Acidic Pesticides as free acids (by 28 labs).


Subcontract labs are most frequently SEEKED for the analysis of following compounds...

- Glyphosate (by 15 institutions),

- Ethephon (by 12 institutions), and

- Bromide (by 9 institutions).


Overview of SRM-PinBoard (version I)
  Labs OFFERING analytical Services Offering Labs Accredited Offering Labs Proficient (based on EUPT-SRM results) Labs SEEKING for subcontract labs
Dithiocarbamates as CS2 38 30 19 5
"Quats" (Chlormequat/Mepiquat) 34 24 13 2
Acids (as free acids) 28 16 22 4
Abamectin 21 12 8 5
Propamocarb 21 14 Not evaluated 5
Bromid 19 13 Not evaluated 9
Acids (following AH) 15 7 Not evaluated 4
Ethephon 15 6 9 12
Glyphosate 15 10 5 15
FBO 6 6 Not evaluated 2
Other 8   Not evaluated 2

Other compounds offered are:
Maleic Hydrazide (2x), Fentin, Cyhexatin, ETU, PTU, Paraquat, Diquat, Nicotine, Gibberelic Acids, Fosetyl-Aluminium, Dichloropropene, Amitraz, Daminozide, Trinexapac-ethyl as well as Copper and Mercury.


Additional Information

How to join the SRM-PinBoard and how to opt out from it?

All laboratories within the Network can chose to be introduced or to be excluded from the SRM-PinBoard at any time, upon request (eurl-srm@cvuas.bwl.de).

Updating the SRM-PinBoard:

The SRM-PinBoard list will be updated periodically by the EURL-SRM, in particular when new EUPT results become available or when labs wish their entries to be amended. If you like the SRM-PinBoard-data concerning your lab to be updated please contact (eurl-srm@cvuas.bwl.de).

Judgement of Analytical Proficiency:

Based on available EUPT-SRM results, and considering the number of available results and the z-scores achieved, we evaluated the "proficiency" of all labs within our network in the analysis of SRM-pesticides. These rules are preliminary and will be further revised in the future, in consultation with the EUPT-Panel, as the number of collected results will increase (any input this regarding is welcomed).

For more info concerning the currently applied rules please refer to the SRM-PinBoard file.

The SRM-PinBoard list does NOT contain any "non-proficient" entry. If a lab is not listed as proficient for a certain pesticide this can either mean that the lab was judged as not proficient (based on the EUPT-results available for this pesticide) or, in most cases, that there is not enough data available to assess its proficiency.

Evaluated pesticides (only for labs with sufficient number of results):

Not evaluated pesticides (due to too few EUPT-results in general):


Link to SRM-PinBoard (within the internal CIRCA-Area). Note: This information is OUTDATED, as the SRM-PinBoard is now fully integrated in EURL-DataPool within the MyLab area).

Link back to the SRM-PinBoard-Service-Site


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