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PT on the Determination of PCP in Guar Gum Samples


The CRL for Dioxins and PCBs in Feed and Food (eurl-Dioxins) and the CRL for Single Residue Methods (CRL-SRM) are jointly organizing a Proficiency Test (PT) for the analysis of Dioxins, PCBs and Pentachlorophenol (PCP).

The PT is open to all NRLs and official laboratories (OFLs) dealing with pesticide residue analysis.

NRLs and OFLs dealing with pesticides should only focus on PCP analysis.

The test is to be considered as an additional offer to check laboratory performance. A participation at this PT does not revoke the obligation of the NRLs for pesticides using single residue methods to participate at the PT-SRM03, which will also take place in 2008 and will focus on fruits on vegetables.

The Deadline for Registration is the January 18, 2008. Please download the Registration Form.

The laboratories are welcome to use any analytical method. Link to a possible method of analysis (developed by the CRL-SRM).

More details about the PT are given in the Announcement Letter.



The report of this PT can be dowloaded here (Document in CIRCA, restricted access)


Published 21-12-2007, 16:41:54


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