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Joint EURLs/NRLs Workshop | 1820 October 2023 in Stuttgart (Fellbach)

oint EURLs/NRLs Workshop for Pesticide Residues

The workshop will take place in the Schwabenlandhalle in Fellbach, where the CVUA Stuttgart is located.


Announcement / Invitation Letter


Workshop Venue: Schwabenlandhalle

Guntram-Palm-Platz 1, 70734 Fellbach, Germany (on google map)


How to get to the workshop venue using public Transport, important addresses the their QR code

Using this booklet you can find out how to get to the workshop venue from Airport Stuttgart or Stuttgart main station, detailed descriptions about your way from the restaurants in the evening of Wednesday or Thursday to hotels booked by the organiser, as well as all important addresses and their QR codes.


Scientific Program

(Click hier to download the programm in pdf in A4. You can find it also in the inside of the badge.)

Tue 17. Oct. 2023
17:00-20:00 Registration & Get Together in the foyer of the workshop venue Schwabenlandhalle
Wed 18. Oct. 2023
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:40 Welcome and opening speeches by
Michelangelo Anastassiades (Head of EURL-SRM)
Peter Hauk (Minister of Nutrition, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection, Baden-Württemberg)
Volker Renz (Head of CVUA Stuttgart)
09:40-10:10 News from the Commission
Stephanos Kirkagaslis (EU Commission)
10:10-10:30 New regulation for veterinary drugs – impact for the pesticide network?
Björn Hardebusch (EURL-AO)
10:30-10:50 Fate of pesticide residues in the production of beer and its by-product
Elena Hakme (EURL-CF)
10:50-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-11:40 EUPT-CF17
Mette Erecius Poulsen (EURL-CF)
11:40-12:05 AQC: Ongoing method Performance verification –
Procedural calibration
Hermann Unterluggauer (AGES)
12:05-13:20 Lunch
13:20-14:20 AQC: Revision of SANTE Document: Procedural vs. Matrix Matched Calibration
14:20-14:45 Coffee Break
14:45-15:45 AQC Discussion III
Tuija Pihlström (Swedish Food Agency)
15:45-15:50 Information, closing of day 1
Thu 19. Oct. 2023
09:00-09:25 EUPT-AO18
Björn Hardebusch, Christina Riemenschneider (EURL AO)
09:25-09:55 EUPT-SRM18
Michelangelo Anastassiades (EURL-SRM)
09:55-10:20 Joint monitoring program of pesticide residues in honey - Part A: MRM Compounds
Anna Büttner, Anja Muzyka (EURL-AO)
10:20-10:45 Joint monitoring program of pesticide residues in honey - Part B: SRM Compounds
Ann-Kathrin Schäfer (EURL-SRM)
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-11:35 Occurrence of matrine-type alkaloids in honey from different botanical and geographical origins: a natural problem for beekeeping?
Jens Lütjohann (QSI)
11:35-11:55 Experiences with import controls on pesticides in The Netherlands
Barbara Kiedrowska (Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR))
11:55-12:15 Interesting observations made during the work of a private residue laboratory
Athanasios Nitsopoulos (Labor Friedle)
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 EUPT-FV25
Carmen Ferrer Amate (EURL-FV)
14:00-14:25 EUPT-SM15/SC06
Carmen Ferrer Amate (EURL-FV)
14:25-14:50 Coffee Break
14:50-15:35 News from EURL-FV
Amadeo R. Fernández-Alba (EURL-FV)
15:35-16:40 News from EURL-SRM
Michelangelo Anastassiades, Eric Eichhorn, Hubert Zipper (EURL-SRM)
16:40:16:45 Information, closing of day 2
Fri 20. Oct. 2023
09:00-09:40 AQC-Discussion + Voting
Tuija Pihlström (Swedish Food Agency)
09:40-10:00 Latest update on automatic sample preparation
Ederina Ninga (EURL-CF)
10:00-10:20 Multi-residue in essential oils: Experience in SCL
Lucie Etingue (SCL Montpellier)
10:20-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:15 New figures on the 2021 EU annual report on pesticides residues in food
Luis Carrasco Cabrera (EFSA)
11:15-11:35 PT-Matrix 2024 (not yet complete)
11:35-11:55 Arne Andersson Award and further information
11:55-12:25 News from EURL-SRM (Part 2, incorporated in "News from EURL-SRM")
12:25-12:55 Closing Session


Social Program

Wednesday: Guided citytour to Waiblingen or the Stuttgart Museum of Viniculture

Thursday: Workshop Dinner in the Großer Kursaal Bad Cannstatt



Registration (closed on 23 June 2023)

Participants are devided into two groups: NRL-REPs (Reimbursement-Eligible Participants from EU-NRLs) and Non-REPs.




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