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About EURL

Legal background

The concept of the European Union Reference Laboratories (EURLs, formerly CRLs) and National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) is layed down in the Regulation (EC) No 625/2017 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The overall objective of the EURLs and NRLs is to continuously improve the methods used by official laboratories (OfLs, incl. NRLs), as well as the quality and uniformity of analytical testing data generated by them. The methods used by the OfLs should meet state-of-the-art scientific standards and offer sound, reliable and comparable results across the Union.

The EURLs should provide OfLs and NRLs with up-to-date information on available methods, organise inter-laboratory comparative tests (ILCTs), offer training courses for NRLs or OfLs and furthermore serve the Commission (COM) by providing expert assistance. Upon request by the EURLs (or NRLs), OfLs shall take part in Proficiency Tests (PTs), covering the analyses they officially perform.


According to Article 93 of Regulation (EC) No 625/2017, the EURLs shall among others:


According to Article 94 of Regulation (EC) No 625/2017, the EURLs shall be

and so far included in their work programmes they are also responsible (among others) for the following:


The responsibilities of the NRLs are laid down in Article 101 of Regulation (EC) No 625/2017. Among others the NRLs shall:


Actual activities of EURLs on Pesticides

The actual activities of the EURLs for residues of pesticides include the following:


Contact information

Link to contact Information of EURLs for residues of pesticides

For additional information please contact 

Desk Officer responsible for EURLs on pesticides: Ms. Piroska KISS, DG SANCO E3

Leader of Unit: Ms. Almut BITTERHOF, DG SANCO E3


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