EUPT-SRM18: Sample Shipment postponed to 19 May 2023

Save the Date: 18-20 October 2023, Joint EURL-Workshop 2023 in Stuttgart

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Method information and validatation data published by EURLs

One of the foreseen activities of the EURLs is the development and validation of methods and the dissemination of technical information among the NRLs.

Methods, validation reports and analytical observation reports published by the 4 EURLs can be found under the following links:


The EURL Method Finder List summarizes the EURL-methods, -validation reports, and -analytical observation reports for the compounds included in the MACP-Regulations and MACP-WDs.


Additional information relevant to pesticide residue analysts can be found at EURL DataPool.

The EURL DataPool contains among others ...


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