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Pilot Monitoring Programs by EURLs

The following pilot monitoring programs were run by the four EURLs on pesticides to estimate the residue situation of various pesticides and metabolites in selected products.

# Analyte(s) targeted Commodity/ies targeted EURL(s) involved Year(s) of Project Link
1 Trifluoroacetic acid and Difluoroacetic acid Various of Plant Origin EURL-SRM 2014–2016 Report
2 Triazole Derivative Metabolites (TDMs) Various of Plant Origin EURL-SRM 2016–2017 Report
3 Toxicologically critical MRM-Compounds Infant formulae for children < 16 weeks EURL-AO 2019–2020 Website
4 Toxicologically critical and some additional SRM-compounds Infant formulae for children < 16 weeks EURL-SRM 2019–2020 Website
5 MRM-Compounds Oils EURL-AO 2019–2020 Website
6 Anthraquinone Tea EURL-FV 2020 Website
7 Glyphosate and AMPA Honey EURL-FV 2018–19 Website
8 Polar Dimethoate / Omethoate Metabolites Various Commodities EURL-SRM 2018–19 Website
9 MRM-compounds Tea and Chamomile EURL-FV 2011–12 Website
10 MRM-Compounds Juices EURL-FV 2010–11 Website


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