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Analytical Quality Control and Method Validation Procedures for Pesticide Residues Analysis in Food and Feed

This guidance document (which is often referred to as "AQC-Guidelines" or AQC-Procedures") describes the method validation and analytical quality control requirements to support the validity of data used for checking compliance with maximum residue limits, enforcement actions, or assessment of consumer exposure to pesticides in the EU.

If you have questions to this guidance document, please use the » Guideline Help to submit your question electronically to the QC Panel.

Please note, that a decision was taken, that any new versions of this Guidance Document should keep the document number (SANTE/11312/2021) and only get a new version number.


Current Version

  Document No. SANTE/11312/2021 (V2) (applying from 01/01/2024)


Older versions of the AQC Procedures


Last modified 09-05-2024, 10:23:13

Published 26-01-2010, 09:55:34


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