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2nd Comprehensive Pesticide Lab Survey

In the first quarter of 2010 the CRLs for Pesticide Residues will conduct the 2nd Comprehensive Pesticide Lab Survey.

All official labs within the EU Member States, other EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) and the EU candidate countries (Croatia, FYROM, Turkey) are invited to participate in this survey.

With this Survey the CRLs and the Commission aim to recognize trends and identify laboratory needs in order to better plan and justify future eurl-activities including training, PTs and method development.

The survey will be divided in three parts (see table):

PartTopicNotesPeriod (tentative)
ILab Contact Data and Commodity ScopeInformation is essential for organization of PTs. An individual link to the online-survey will be sent to one member of each lab.Jan-Mar 2010
IIPesticide Scope

Please download the Excel-file here: Download

More than 246 labs submitted Survey-Part II.

Jan-Mar 2010
IIIComplementary QuestionsAn individual link to the online-survey will be sent to one member of each lab.May 2010


The report of the previous Comprehensive CRL Survey of 2006/2007 can be downloaded here: Download.


Published 18-01-2010, 13:31:57

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