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EUPTs on Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed - Tentative List of OBLIGED Labs for 2017

Dear Colleagues,

In the document linked below you can find out in which of the 4 EUPTs on pesticide residues (FV, CF, AO, SRM), to be conducted in 2017, your lab is OBLIGED to participate (based on the data provided to the EURLs by the NRLs):


The legal obligation to participate in the different EUPTs arises from:

Please note that pesticide residue testing within the frame of IMPORT CONTROLS of samples collected by the customs at the Designated Points of Entry (according to Reg. 669/2009/EC) and CONTROLS of ORGANIC SAMPLE Products (according to Reg. 889/2008/EC) are also considered as official controls in the sense of Reg. 882/2004/EC.
On request by the COM, laboratories (incl. subcontracted private laboratories) involved in such controls were included into the OfL-Network of each NRL and (potentially) have to participate in the EUPTs.

All labs are requested to carefully check the file for correctness and completeness and report any errors to their responsible NRL and to eurl@cvuas.bwl.de.


DG-SANTE expects from labs not intenting to participate in a certain EUPT in which they are obliged to participate, to provide explanations.

Details on how to provide these explanations will be given in the website of each EUPT.


Your EURL-Team


Published 04-02-2015, 21:04:06

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