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How to Use CIRCABC

The EURLs for Residues of Pesticides use the CIRCABC platform for managing internal documents between EURLs, NRLs and OFLs. This platform allows to quickly upload and exchange documents, restrict file access and keep track of changes in the version history.

The platform is provided by the European Commission, which also provides access for other subject specific interest groups. The EURLs have their own subsection, called EURL for Pesticides. Once registered, you have access to documents from all four EURL fields, i.e. no individual registration for the different EURL fields is necessary.


The working group EURL for Pesticides is open for

·        members of official institutes working in the field of pesticide residues

·        members of private laboratories sub-contracted by a Member State for official analysis.

We have to ensure that people applying for membership are working in an eligible institute. Thus, persons registered in CIRCA with an email account belonging to their institute are accepted, only.


If you have not registered in CIRCABC yet, you have to perform following steps:

1. Register on the ECAS registration page using an official email-address of your institute. Choose “Create an account” You can select the language of interest.

2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link and create a password. After that go to the website of the four EURLs (www.eurl-pesticides.eu) and use the link CIRCA BC login on the right upper corner of the website.

3. Click on “Connect using ECAS”.

4. You will be directed to the ECAS page. Login with username (e-mail address) and click “Next”. Then you have the possibility to enter your password. You can select between different verification methods.

5. Choose a header “European Commission

6. Choose “Health and Food Safety

7. Select “EURL for Pesticide Residues” and Select Click to join this group under Actions.


Enter the following text:

My Name is surname name (provide your name surname)

I am working in the area of pesticide in "Matrix" (choose matrix corresponding to the area of the 4 EURLs) in the "Name of the Institute" (please provide full name) which is an OfL (NRL) (please select if you are OfL or NRL) of "country" (please provide the country you analyse for).


After approval by the administrator of the EURL for Pesticides interest group, you will have access to available documents. An E-Mail will be send to you automatically.


The website is multilingual. You can select the language on the top of the page (right corner)

If you have any further difficulties or questions, please contact the corresponding EURL.


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