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EUPT-Calendar 2013

An overview of the expected time schedule of the EU-Proficiency Tests in 2013 organized by the EURLs for Pesticide Residues can be found in the table below.

Please consider that the time schedule (e.g. sample shipment date) may be subject to minor changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

EUPTMatrixTarget Pesticide List PublishedSample ShipmentResult Submission Deadline
CF7feed for laying hensJanuary 201313 May 20137 June 2013
SRM8PotatoJanuary 201315 April 201313 May 2013
FV15PotatoOctober 201221 January 201313 February 2013
FV-SM-05Potato-21 January 201372h after sample receipt
AO8Raw poultry meatDecember 2012March 2012April 2012




Published 21-12-2012, 15:46:59


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