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Retirement of Lajos Kadenczki

Lajos Kadenczki has retired from the "Agricultural Office, Directorate of Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri-Environment, Pesticide Residue Analytical Laboratory, Miskolc" laboratory that acts as NRL for Hungary in the FV and SRM areas.

His successor is Henriett Dobrik Szemán

Here his farewell message and some pictures:

From 1st of August I am a pesticide residue expert in a Hungarian laboratory of a Swiss owned international laboratory network called SGS, and I am taking part in a pharmaceutical residue project on the University of Miskolc, Technology Faculty.

I would like to take a farewell of my colleges in the EU through you. I would like to ask you to forward them, that it was a great honour to work with all of you. For me, the pesticide residue analytics was a hobby and never a tiring work. Every new compound meant a new challenge, incorporated them into our method was always a success. I have been working in this field for 41 years. In 1970 I was a founder and the leader of one of the first laboratory in Hungary and now, in 2011 I retired as the head of the National Reference Laboratory in Hungary.

I wish all of you to be successful in the work, and of course power and health to achieve your goals.

My email address is: green.park@chello.hu




Published 21-12-2011, 17:22:19


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