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European Union Ring Test Certified Standard Solutions FV17



Dear Lab, 

One important part of the EUPTs is to detect the possible sources of error in the results. One possible cause could be the working standard solutions of the laboratory. For this reason, we have organised a ring test based on certified standard solutions with the compounds present in the EUPT-FV17 sample. This ring test is focused in those OfLs and/or NRLs that have reported unsatisfactory results, although it has also been extended to the rest of the EUPT-FV17 participants.

The certified standard solution will be delivered in ampoules by courier with a simple protocol on how to perform the analysis. The delivery cost will be charged to the laboratories except for the NRLs, and it will be 80 euros. The date of the shipment will be 19th of October, and the deadline to submit the results will be 9th of Novemer.


Please note that the Calendar may be subject to minor changes.

Kind regards, 

The EU-RT-FV17 Team.



For any further question about EU-RT-FV16, please contact:

Ms. Carmen Ferrer

Department of Hydrogeology and Analytical Chemistry
Ctra. de San Urbano s/n
04120 Almería
Tel. (+34) 950014102 


E-mail: cferrer@ual.es


Published 11-10-2015, 11:23:52


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