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EUPT-FV17 Final Results (Click here)

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in the European Proficiency Test in Fruits and Vegetables 17 (EUPT-FV-17), organised by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Residues of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables on behalf of the European Commission, Health & Consumer Protection Directorate-General (DG-SANCO).

This EUPT is open for all National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and all Official Laboratories (OfLs) of the EU, and furthermore it is also open for the NRLs and OfLs of the EU-candidate states and the EFTA countries.

The PT is also open for Official Laboratories in third countries (countries outside the EU) as long as test material is available and provided that DG-SANCO gives its consent.

The test item for the EUPT-FV-17 will be BROCCOLI homogenate containing incurred pesticides. 

The aim of this exercise is to ensure the quality, accuracy and comparability of the residue data reported by EU Member States to the European Union as well as other Member States within the framework of coordinated and national monitoring and surveillance programs. 

Participation is mandatory for: 

All the potential labs that according to the information stored in our Lab-Network Database are obliged to participate at the EUPT-FV-17 will be contacted and invited via e-mail. If participation in this EUPT is not possible, DG-SANCO expects from all the obliged laboratories to give an explanation. This explanation can be given by e-mail to: cferrer@ual.es or amadeo@ual.es

The test materials, 300 g of BROCCOLI homogenate containing incurred pesticide residues, together with 300 g of 'blank' BROCCOLI homogenate, will be shipped to participants on 16th March 2015.

If any laboratories have holidays in the week of the shipment, please inform the organiser to rearrange shipment - as soon as possible. 




Publishing the Calendar and Matrix on the Web page.

15th December 2014

Receiving Application Form from invited laboratories.

12th Jan-13th Feb 2015

Specific Protocol published on the Web site.

 Feb 2015

Deadline for receiving Laboratory scope: Form 0

23rd Feb-6 March 2015

Sample distribution.

16th March 2015

Deadline for receiving sample acceptance: Form 1

20th March 2015

Deadline for receiving results: Forms 2, 3 and 4

13th April 2015

Filling in Form 5

20th-24th April 2015

Preliminary Report: only results, no statistical treatment.

May 2015

Final Report distributed to the Laboratories.

December 2015














If any laboratories have holidays in the week of the shipment, please inform the organiser to rearrange shipment - as soon as possible.

The laboratories have to determine the residue levels and report the concentrations for each of the pesticides that they detect (and also include the method used for each pesticide analysed but not detected to allow us to carry out a deeper analysis of the results).

The 'blank' material is intended to be used for recovery experiments for the pesticides found in the test material and, if necessary, for the preparation of matrix-matched calibration standard solutions.

The assigned value will be estimated using the robust mean, as described in ISO 13528:2009-01.

For the assessment of the overall laboratory performance, the Average of the Squared z-Score (AZ2) will be used as in the last Proficiency Test. Only laboratories that detect at least 90% of the pesticides present in the test material and report no false positives are going to be considered to demonstrate 'sufficient scope' and therefore they will be classified into Category A. Within Category A, the laboratories are going to be also sub-classified as "good", "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory". All the other laboratories will be classified in Category B, because they demonstrate "insufficient scope". For laboratories in Category B, classification will also be conducted. This information will be available in the General Protocol.

Please note that in some cases the documents or the dates could change, new versions updated. In this case, it will be published in our webpage and additionally an e-mail will be sent to the participants for notification. But please, check periodically our website in case the email does not get through to you.

The sample delivery will be 200 € for participating laboratories from the EU, EU-candidate states and EFTA states and 250 € for other countries. Regarding payment procedures, each laboratory can specify their details and invoice requests when applying for the test.

Please, do not pay for this EUPT until we send you the invoice. Remember to include your Laboratory Code in the subject of the bank transfer.  

BANK NAME: CAJAMAR - Caja Rural Sociedad Corporativa de Crédito

BANK ACCOUNT HOLDER: Universidad de Almeria

BANK ADDRESS: Office Number 990. Universidad de Almeria. Spain

ACCOUNT NUMBER: ES0730580130172731005000



EUPT-FV17 Final Results (Click here)

EUPT-FV17 Methods (Click here)



For any further question about EUPT-FV-17, please contact:


Ms. Carmen Ferrer

Department of Hydrogeology and Analytical Chemistry
Ctra. de San Urbano s/n
04120 Almería
(+34) 950014102



Mr. Amadeo R. Fernández-Alba

Department of Hydrogeology and Analytical Chemistry
Ctra. de San Urbano s/n
04120 Almería
Tel. (+34) 950015034


Best Regards,


The EUPT-FV Organising-Team


Published 16-12-2014, 17:04:25


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