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Evaluation of zirconium dioxide-based sorbents to decrease the matrix effect in avocado and almond multiresidue pesticide analysis followed by gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Ana Lozano, Łukasz Rajski, Samanta Uclés, Noelia Belmonte-Valles, Milagros Mezcua, Amadeo R.


2014, Talanta. Volume 118, p:68-83


Two sorbents containing ZrO2 (Z-Sep and Z-Sep+) were tested as a d-SPE clean-up in combination with QuEChERS and ethyl acetate multiresidue method in pesticide residues extraction in avocado. All extracts were analysed using gas chromatography coupled with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer working in multi-reaction monitoring mode. GC QToF was used to compare the amount of matrix compounds present in the final extracts, prepared according to different protocols. The highest number of pesticides with acceptable recoveries and the lowest amount of coextracted matrix compounds were provided by QuEChERS with Z-Sep. Subsequently, this method was fully validated in avocado and almonds. Validation studies were carried out according to DG Sanco guidelines including: the evaluation of recoveries at two levels (10 and 50 μg/kg), limit of quantitation, linearity, matrix effects, as well as interday and intraday precision. In avocado, 166 pesticides were fully validated compared to 119 in almonds. The method was operated satisfactorily in routine analysis and was applied to real samples.

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