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Brief report

2007 CRL Workshop and Training Course - Documentation
26th - 29th September, 2007 — Valencia, Spain


Dear Colleagues,

we would like to present you the main statistics and to make a few comments regarding our 2007 CRL Training Course and Workshop as well as show you the results of the feedback questionnaire results.

The number of experts attending the workshop was 160. 71 were NRLs from the four different CRL networks and the rest were official labs (55). There were 7 invited speakers, as well as 9 CRL network speakers. The total number of countries participating was 31 from which 27 of them were EU Member States and 4 Third Country attendees.

The main objective of the workshop was to facilitate the interaction between CRLs, NRLs and Official Laboratories. Only one year of CRL activities were included at this time but, in future, the workshop will cover two years, therefore we can expect a greater range of topics. The main reason for performing the Workshop after one year only, was in order to serve as a starting point and to present and to let know about the new CRL network and activities.

Please remember that our intention was not only to carry out a "regular" scientific meeting on pesticide residues, but also the present Proficiency Test Reports, QC Guidelines and any other relevant CRL outputs.

However, this doesn’t mean that in future we could consider any specific topic that you feel is relevant, including problems related to analytical methodology.

The background data evaluated by you is presented in the following figure:


Figure 1: Group photo of the 1st joint CRL/NRL Workshop participants (not complete).

Valoration: 0 : Very Poor 1 : Poor 2 : Good 3: Excellent
% Participation = % of submitted answers

The questions were:

1. Were the scope and extent of the workshop appropriate?
2. Did the workshop meet your expectations?
3. Were the scope and extent of the lectures appropriate?
4. Did the lectures meet your expectations?
5. Were the scope and extent of the practical training appropriate? (if applicable)
6. Did the practical training meet your expectations? (if applicable)
7. Was the provided information sufficient?
8. Was the overall schedule (agenda) appropriate?
9. Was the atmosphere pleasing?
10. How did you like the hotel?
11. Did you enjoy the meal on Wednesday? (if applicable)
12. Did you enjoy the meals in the conference hall?
13. Did you enjoy the evening dinner (on Friday night)? (if applicable)
14. The organisation of the workshop was…
15. Altogether, the workshop was…

As you can see from looking at question 15, the overall evaluation of the conference was good, obtaining 2.6 out of 3. However, it’s also clear that we have had some shortcomings in the development of the training, probably as a consequence of the large amount of people considering the format used. We will take note of that to improve these aspects next time.

We have received some very favorable comments we greatly appreciate and which provide encouragement to continue and improve for the future.

We would especially like to acknowledge the speakers, advisory groups, NRLs, EFSA, FVO, CEN, DG-SANCO and, of course, all of you for your efforts in co-operating with us to make this event such a success. Finally, we would like to express that it has been a great pleasure for us to come together with you for those few days in Valencia. Being away from our professional activities has surely helped us to grow better together as a group. We are fortunate to share a real friendship which helps our co-operation.

We very much hope to see all of you next time in Copenhagen 2009.

Thank you for your participation and best regards,

The four CRLs on Pesticides:

Image: Logos of the four CRLs on Pesticides.


Published 19-10-2007, 14:07:02


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