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Shifting the paradigm in gas chromatography mass spectrometry pesticide analysis using high resolution accurate mass spectrometry

Samanta Uclés, Ana Uclés, Ana Lozano, Maria Jesús Martínez Bueno & Amadeo R. Fernández-Alba

Journal of Chromatography A, 1501 (2017) 107–116 


In the last 10 years, the majority of the pesticide food control laboratories moved from GC–MS toGC–MS/MS as the preferred analytical technique to address GC amenable compounds. The main reason forthis change was the negative impact on the single stage GC–MS analysis caused by the interference fromcoeluting matrix compounds. The new development of gas chromatography coupled to high resolutionaccurate mass spectrometry (GC-HRAMS) provides opportunities to overcome such matrix interferencesas a result of its much higher selectivity; allowing laboratories to carry out full-scan analysis coveringthe most exigent analytical performance criteria.The aim of this work is the evaluation of the main analytical performance parameters for the mul-tiresidue screening of pesticide residues by a gas chromatography-OrbitrapTMmass spectrometer in fruitsand vegetables. Electron ionization and full-scan high resolution mass spectrometry was selected for thisevaluation. Mass resolving power, selectivity, sensitivity, analyte identification and database generationare discussed in light of the analysis of various commodities and a large scope of pesticides. The selectedoperational conditions provided optimal mass accuracy, within ±1 mDa and achieved LOQs of 10 g/kgor lower for practically all the selected pesticides and commodities. Applicability for quantitative residueanalysis was verified by the validation of the 210 pesticides in four matrices (tomato, apple, leek andorange). The performance of the GC-EI-full scan Orbitrap HRAMS developed method was confirmed withthe analysis of 102 real samples providing good results.

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Published 27-06-2017, 16:42:36

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