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European Union Ring Test Certified Standard Solutions FV18

Dear Lab,

This year again we would like to offer the EUPT-FV18 participants the possibility to detect the possible sources of error in their results. The EURL-FV will organise a ring test based on certified standard solutions with the compounds present in the EUPT-FV18 sample. The certified standard solution will be delivered in ampoules by courier with a simple protocol on how to perform the analysis. The delivery cost will be charged to the laboratories except for the NRLs and it will be 65 euros.

The certified Standard Solutions will be delivered in September 5th (week 36) and the deadline to submit results will be two weeks later, 19th of September.


Specific Protocol


Results Form available (please send an e-mail to cferrer@ual.es to obtain it)

Preliminary Resutls Available: PDF FILE or EXCEL FILE


Published 06-06-2016, 15:28:07


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