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1st Proficiency Test on Cereals incl. Single Residue Methods (EUPT-C1-SRM2)

The final report for EUPT-C1-SRM2 is now avialable and can be downloaded. Please use your username and password from the profiency test to open the report.

The calender, pesticide list, application form and protocol as well as the the website for online submission of the results for the first proficiency test on cereals (PT-C1-SRM2) are now available for download.


Tools (restricted access):

Online Results Submission Website (link closed)

Guide "Online Result Submission" (link closed)


Public documents:

Calendar [PDF - 31 KB]

Application form [XLS - 366 KB]

Proposed protocol for analysis of acids incl. alkaline hydrolysis [PDF - 53 KB]


Documents with restricted access:

Pesticide List (link closed)

Protocol (link closed)



Published 11-02-2007, 14:39:01


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