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EUPT-CF7 Website


List of EU laboratories obliged to participate in EUPT-C7


- EUPT-CF7 - Announcement/Invitation Letter
- EUPT-CF7 - Calendar (last update: 04.03.2013)
- EUPT-CF7 - Target Pesticide List (last update: 19.12.2012)
- EUPT-CF7 - Registration (Closed)

- Labs from EU, EU-candidate states and EFTA states: use the registration link above

- Labs from Third Countries: Contact proficiencytest@food.dtu.dk for further instructions


- EUPT-CF7 - Results Submission (Open from 14 May 2013 to 7 June 2013 CET 24:00)
- EUPT-CF7 - Specific Protocol
- EUPT - General Protocol

Please note that both, the "Target Pesticide List" and the "Calendar" may be subject to minor changes.



Published 10-01-2013, 16:25:21

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