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Mass Spectra Database provided by EURL AO

The EURL AO provides a list of mass spectrometric data for different pesticides (available in the restricted area):


LC-LR-MS databases

Mass transitions for HPLC-MSMS (using Agilent QQQ 6410)


LC-HR-MS databases

Accurate masses and retention times for LC-MS-Q-TOF (using Agilent 6540 Q-TOF)


GC-HR-MS databases

GCHRMS exact mass CDB 1.1

GCHRMS exact mass CDB 1.0

GCHRMS accurate mass CDB 1.0


The list will be updated continiously (usually on a yearly basis).


last update: 30.03.2021


Last modified 30-03-2021, 13:43:23

Published 24-04-2015, 17:33:34


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