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Reports by EURL AO

Below you will find the links to reports by EURL AO. All documents are available in the restricted area (CIRCA BC-link to folder).


Method validation reports


EURL_AO_Validation_report_2021-02_LCMSMS_quantification_milk (NEW)

EURL_AO_Validation_report_2021-01_GCMSMS_quantification_milk (NEW)

EURL_AO_Validation_report_2020-03_GCMS_and_LCMS_quantification_infant_formula (NEW)

EURL AO validation report 2020-02 LCMSMS quantification milk (NEW)

EURL AO validation report 2020-01 GCMSMS and GCHRMS quantification milk_APs (NEW)

EURL AO validation report 2019-04 GCMSMS quantification muscle/fish_APs

EURL AO vaildation report 2019-03 GCMSMS quantification liver_APs 

EURL AO validation report 2019-02 GCHRMS quantification egg 

EURL AO validation report 2019-01 GCHRMS screening egg 

EURL AO validation report 2018-02 GCMSMS quantification egg_APs 

EURL AO validation report 2018-01 GCMSMS quantification egg 




Other reports

EURL_AO_Investigation_report_2021-01_pesticides_residues_honey_LC-Q-TOF (NEW)

EURL_AO_Monitoring_report_of_pesticide_residues_in_oil_samples (NEW)


EURL AO Monitoring report of pesticide residues in EU-milk samples 

EURL AO Method report samples with incurred pesticide residues

GCHRMS method development





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