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Reports by EURL AO

Below you will find the links to reports by EURL AO. All documents are available in the restricted area (CIRCA BC-link to folder).


Method validation reports


EURL AO validation report 2020-02 LCMSMS quantification milk (NEW)

EURL AO validation report 2020-01 GCMSMS and GCHRMS quantification milk_APs (NEW)

EURL AO validation report 2019-04 GCMSMS quantification muscle/fish_APs

EURL AO vaildation report 2019-03 GCMSMS quantification liver_APs (updated)

EURL AO validation report 2019-02 GCHRMS quantification egg (updated)

EURL AO validation report 2019-01 GCHRMS screening egg (updated)

EURL AO validation report 2018-02 GCMSMS quantification egg_APs (updated)

EURL AO validation report 2018-01 GCMSMS quantification egg (updated)




GCHRMS databases


GCHRMS exact mass CDB 1.0 (calculated masses)

GCHRMS exact mass CDB 1.1 (calculated masses)

GCHRMS accurate mass CDB 1.0 (measured masses)




Other reports

EURL AO Monitoring report of pesticide residues in EU-milk samples (NEW)

EURL AO Method report samples with incurred pesticide residues

GCHRMS method development





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