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Quantification method for analysis of pesticide residues in milk and dairy products using GC-MS/MS

EURL AO has upgraded the existing DIN EN 1528 method. With this upgrade, the cleaning and evaporation steps of the former used method were automated, thus saving manpower without compromising the efficiency of the method.

This report describes three validation studies of this automated multi residue method for analysis of 40 pesticides in milk and dairy products using GC-MS/MS 7010 from Agilent Technologies. The sample preparation method is based on fat extraction via IKA tubes and other clean-up steps using SPE and GPC.


Link to EURL_AO_Validation_report_2022-01_GC-MS_MS_quantification_milk_dairy_products

Link to EURL AO 2021 Method for non-polar pesticides IKA GPC-SPE


Published 07-02-2022, 09:33:32

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