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Validation and determination of pesticide residues in (offal and) fish samples

An automated sample preparation method using gel permeation chromatography and solid phase extraction clean-up was developed for the matrix fish and offal (see link below). A quantitative validation study on 56 selected GC-amenable pesticides included in the MACCP was conducted.

Additionally, a validation study on 73 LC amenable pesticides in offal (liver and kidney) and fish using QuEChERS-AO method was done.

Afterwards, the validated methods were used to monitor a wide spectrum of pesticides (>500) in 21 fish samples. Target analytes should cover all multi residue method amenable pesticides included in the MACCP of the Union for 2021 and working document SANCO/12745/2013. Analysis of the fish extracts was performed using high resolution mass spectrometry instruments (GC-Orbitrap and LC-Q-ToF).

Download (CIRCA BC)

EURL AO 2021 Method for non-polar pesticides IKA GPC-SPE

EURL AO Validation report 2021-07: LC-MSMS quantification offal and fish

EURL AO Validation report 2021-06: GC-Orbitrap GC-MS-MS quantification fish offals

EURL AO Monitoring report 2021-01: Pesticide residues in fish samples


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