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Implementation of a pesticide standard mixture including analytes relevant for food of animal origin

No standardized mixtures of pesticides relevant for food of animal origin were available yet and each laboratory uses own mixtures, mainly based on the history of the individual laboratories.
NRLs and OfLs have a big workload allocated to prepare standard mixtures from neat standards. The reason is that they have to analyse for a high number of different pesticides, typically >300. The neat standards must be dissolved to stock solutions at e.g. 1 mg/ml and relevant mixtures of compounds then combined for use in the laboratory (calibration of the instruments, preparing control samples). The possibility of buying stock solutions could be another approach and a way of standardizing the minimum scope of the laboratories. If such mixtures are commercially available the laboratories will save a lot of time.

The EURL AO requested and bought a standard mixture containing about 90 pesticides that are monitored in the official control programmes (EU MACP, NRCP Germany). The standard mixture is composed of five stock solutions including GC- and LC-amenable pesticides. This mixture was implemented in routine analysis of the CVUA-Freiburg and validated for the matrix milk.


Link to EURL_AO_Validation_report_2021-01_GCMSMS_quantification_milk

Link to EURL_AO_Validation_report_2021-02_LCMSMS_quantification_milk


Laboratories that are interested in further information concerning the standard mixture are welcome to contact eurl-pesticides@cvuafr.bwl.de.





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Published 30-03-2021, 15:43:54

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