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  • General Protocol for EU Proficiency Tests for Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed
  • EUPT AO-16 - Preliminary Announcement - Liquid whole egg (08.01.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Calendar (version from 09.02.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Announcement (CIRCABC area) / Invitation letter 
  • EUPT AO-16 - Pesticide Target List (New version upload 28.01.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Registration link (possible from 15.02.-05.03.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - EUPT Webtool Guideline
  • EUPT AO-16 - Modification of scope (open from 22.03.-16.04.2021 in EUPT Webtool; open in incognito or private window)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Specific Protocol (31.03.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Sample shipment (planned for 19.04.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Confirmation of receipt (in EUPT Webtool; open in incognito or private window)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Result submission (planned for 21.05.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Submitting additional method information (within 7 days after deadline)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Preliminary Report (upload 09.07.2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - WEBINAR about Preliminary Results (canceled; please have a look at the results of EUPT AO 16; for questions or an individual online meeting please contact eurl-pesticides@cvuafr.bwl.de)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Workshop (Joint Workshop in Almeria to be announced, 20.-22. October 2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Training course as online-version (was held for interested NRLs on 7th December 2021)
  • EUPT AO-16 - Final Report (upload 24.02.2022)


Information: Method information is available on CIRCABC.


Update 08.01.21: Webpage created; 25.01.21: Announcement/Pesticide Target list uploaded; 28.01.21: Pesticides Target List updated; 09.02.2021: dates for registration modified, also in documents; 15.02.2021: registration link added; 24.02.2021: webtool guideline added; 02.03.2021: dates modification of scope added; 09.03.2021: registration link deactivated; 31.03.2021: specific protocoll upload; 21.06.2021:reference to pesticide list deleted as it is part of preliminary result;15.07.2021: link to preliminary results added; 27.09.2021: update dates joint workshop and training; 29.10.2021: update webinar and training; 01.12.2021: update webinar; 24.02.2022: update training 2021 and final report


Information will be updated continuously. All relevant documents are available at CIRCABC.



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