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Determination of pesticide residues in EU-milk samples

Based on a request of the European Commission following EFSA`s Scientific Opinion on food for infants and young children, EURL-AO developed MRM-methods to quantify pesticides at very low levels (<0.002 mg/kg) in milk. Prioritised substances were chlorpyrifos, cyhalothrin, cypermethrin, fluquinconazole and ethoprophos. In whole, approximately 60 different pesticides were covered by the methods.

An EU-monitoring was conducted in cooperation with the NRLs for pesticides to monitor the residue situation in milk within the EU, as milk is used as a basic product for food for infants below 16 weeks of age.

No residues of the selected substances above the LOQ of the method were quantified by EURL-AO.


Link to EURL_AO_Validation_report_2020-01_GCMSMS_and_GC-HRMS_quantification_milk.pdf

Link to EURL_AO_Validation_report_2020-02_LCMSMS_quantification_milk.pdf

Link to Pesticide Residues in Milk - Appropriate Methods Following the EFSA Guidance on Risk Assessment of Substances Present in Food Intended for Infants Below 16 Weeks of Age






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