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Quantitative method for pesticide residues in eggs using GC-Orbitrap

For screening of a high number of pesticides the use of high resolution accurate mass instruments like GC-Orbitrap is useful as the system measures in full scan mode. Recently much work involving these systems has revolved around developing screening methods and less on use of these systems for quantification. To check for MRL compliance, quantitative methods are essential.

Here we describe the development of a quantitative GC-Orbitrap method for the analysis of pesticide residues in samples of food of animal origin. In whole, 189 pesticides were validated on 5 different concentration levels (1 - 20 µg/kg).


Link to EURL AO Validation report 2019-02 GCHRMS quantification egg

Link to List of Analytical Methods and Poster presentations


Published 23-07-2019, 16:05:16

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