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Proficiency Tests Fipronil in Eggs

EURL AO informs about two proficiency tests regarding fipronil in eggs organised by Joint Research Center (JRC) in Geel, Belgium and RIKILT Institute Wageningen, The Netherlands.


More information is available at CIRCABC. Information letters are also available on request. Please send your e-mail to [eurl-pesticides@cvuafr.bwl.de]. E-Mail invitations from the organisers are have already been send.

The EURL AO supports participation in both proficiency tests.

The PT organised by JRC Geel ist open for NRLs and official laboratories, only. Registration is possible until 15 September 2017.

The PT organised by RIKILT is open for every interested laboratory. Registration is possible until 8 September 2017.


FAPAS also offers a PT on Fipronil in eggs with open registration now, starting 1 November 2017. Information can be found in the link below.

Please do not send participation or registration forms to us. Please contact the organisers directly.


Links to PT on fipronil in egg:


JRC-GEE 2017 PT on the determination of Fipronil in eggs


RIKILT Fipronil PT




Invitation Letters (CIRCA BC)


Last update: 28.09.2017


Published 24-08-2017, 21:48:50

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