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EUPT AO 14 Invitation Letter

The European Union Reference Laboratory for Pesticides in Food of Animal Origin and Commodities with High Fat Content (EURL AO) in Freiburg, Germany, invites all NRLs and OfLs to its 14th proficiency test (PT). Participating laboratories have the possibility to assess its analytical capability by comparing its results with the assigned values.

A test material of bovine liver will be supplied, spiked with relevant analytes from the list given in the announcement letter. There will be a separation between mandatory and voluntary pesticides as in previous EUPTs.

Approx. 90-100 g of the test item will be supplied in March 2019. In addition, a blank (not spiked) portion of the same test item will be provided. Participating laboratories may use any analytical method. Four weeks after receiving the PT sample, results should be reported online to the EURL via the EUPT website. After receiving the results, a statistical evaluation of the data submitted will be performed and all quantitative laboratory results will be assessed by means of z-scores. A final report will be sent to the participating laboratories together with a certificate of participation.

Time Schedule

A exemplary method for the determination of pesticides using GC- and LC-MSMS in bovine liver used by EURL AO is available here soon (Link to CIRCABC). (How to use CIRCABC)

The objectives of this survey are to assess the interlaboratory consistency of results from the analyses of pesticides in animal food samples and to provide a quality assurance assessment of the NRLs and the official laboratories within the EU.
Participation is mandatory for all laboratories selected as NRL for pesticides in food of animal origin and commodities with high fat content and, according to Art. 28 of EC Reg. 396/2005, for all official laboratories undertaking the analysis of these commodities for the official controls on pesticide residues. If participation is not possible, the Commission expects an explanation to be given by the laboratory.

To check, if your laboratory is obliged to participate in EUPT AO 14, please check here.


Laboratories are asked to register online via website from 18 January - 11 February 2019 even if they don't intend to participate. In the registration procedure, there is a possibility to explain the reason for non-participation.

After registration the participants will receive their username and password for EUPT AO 14. Therefore, participants will be able to re-enter the database and change/update the entries (e.g. addresses for shipment and invoice, contact data). Deadline for these changes is 22 February 2019. 

Before the shipment of the samples participating laboratories have to select the analytes from the target list being part of their analytical scope. Deadline for any changes in scope will be one day before the shipment of samples (15 March 2019).

There will be a general fee of 250  for every participating laboratory from EU and EFTA countries (including NRLs) and 400 € for third countries for shipping and handling. The organizers will not accept participants from Third Countries if they cannot guarantee that the test items will arrive in the laboratories in good conditions (duration of shipping > 3 days). An invoice will be sent together with the samples.

All documents relating to this Proficiency Test EUPT AO-14 are available in the restricted area (CIRCA BC).



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