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Overview of Proficiency Tests Provided by EURL-SRM

The CRLs regularly perform Proficiency Tests (PTs) among the official EU laboratories.

Find below an overview of the PTs performed by the eurl-SRM in cooperation with other CRLs or partners. The accompanying documents as well as reports can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link (restricted access):

EUPT Year Matrix Website Final Report
SRM13 2018 Soybeans Link --
SRM12 2017 Strawberry Link --
SRM11 2016 Spinach Link --
SRM10 2015 Corn Flour Link Link
SRM9 2014 Milk Link Link
SRM8 2013 Potatos Link Link
SRM7 2012 Lentils Link Link
C5/SRM6 2011 Rice Link Link
SRM5 2010 Apple sauce Link Link
C3/SRM4 2009 Oats Link Link
Ad-hoc-PT Nicotine 2009 Mushrooms (3x) Link Link
SRM3 2008 Carrots Link Link
Ad-hoc-PT PCP in Guar Gum 2008 Guar Gum (2x) Link Link
C1/SRM2 2007 Wheat Link Link
SRM1 2006 Apple Juice   Link



Published 21-12-2009, 10:19:36

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