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EUPT-C3/SRM4 - Announcement

Announcement/Invitation Letter for the EUPT-C3/SRM4


Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming European Proficiency Test for pesticides on cereals using both multi- and single residue methods (EUPT-C3/SRM4). The PT will be organised by the CRL for Cereals and Feeding Stuff (eurl-CF) in collaboration with the CRL for Single Residue Methods (CRL-SRM).

The aim of the test is to provide laboratories with an assessment, both of their analytical performance and the reliability of their data - in comparison to other laboratories. This will hopefully result in positive changes and quality improvements at each of the laboratories.

The test material is an oat matrix. You will receive at least 150 g of treated and 150 g of a blank test material. The PT evaluation will treat each compound individually. However, a summed evaluation/ranking of the overall lab performance including both the MRM and SRM pesticides is also envisaged. According to our calendar for the EUPT-C3/SRM4 (see link below) the expected sample delivery will be in the last week of January 2009. If any laboratories have holidays during this period, please inform us so that we can rearrange shipment.

The PT is open for all national reference laboratories (NRLs) and official laboratories (OLs) in the field of cereals and feeding stuff as well as single residue methods. Participation is mandatory for all appointed NRLs in the above areas. Furthermore, please notice that from 1. September 2008 onwards, according to EU-regulation (396/2005/EC), all laboratories analyzing samples for official controls must take part in PT-exercises organized by the CRLs as long as the scope of the PT and the laboratory overlap. If this is not possible, the Commission expects an explanation to be given by the laboratories. Therefore, it is important that you enter your laboratory´s credentials on the registration website even if you do not intent to participate. There will be a possibility to explain the reason of non-participation. All laboratories filling-in the registration form will be provided with a unique password that can be used for this and future PTs, thus obviating the need to reenter the name and address of your laboratory each time.

The "Registration Website" will be open from mid November 2008 until 11 January 2009. You will receive an email as soon as the registration website is accessible. A document with a link to this site will be placed in the CIRCA-platform.

So, please register at the CIRCA/FIS-VL. More information on CIRCA you will find in our web-portal.

More information about this PT you will find in our EUPT-C3/SRM4 - Website.

If you have any question please mail to CRL-CF and CRL-SRM.


Best regards,


The EUPT-C3/SRM4 organizers


Published 31-10-2008, 14:32:57

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